Planned Trip: “Victory Tour” October, 2014 (updated)

In October, we plan on making our “victory tour.”

This will be our first real trip after retirement.

We plan on visiting Kansas City and Columbia Missouri to visit relatives.

While our plans are not finalized, here is our tentative itinerary:

October 1: Leave for the Kansas City area. Right now we are planning on staying at Basswood Resort in Platte City.

That campground has good reviews.

Platte City is not terribly far from Mandy’s sister Gerri.

Of my siblings in the area, my sister Amy is the furthest from Platte City but its only about an hour drive.

Currently we plan on staying until October 7th or 8th at which time we will go to Columbia.

Tentative plans are to spend two nights in the Columbia area visiting my brother Brian and his family.

Brian and his wife Lisa adapted a daughter two years ago who we have never seen.

This visit is way over due.

Right now, I’m thinking of staying at Cottonwoods RV Park.

That campground has had mixed reviews, but there aren’t very many campgrounds in Columbia.

We plan on leaving Columbia no later than Friday, October 9th since Mizzou has a home football game on Saturday, the 10th.

Our next stop after Columbia is Branson, Missouri.

We are hoping that we will be there for the peak of the fall colors.

I’m not sure where we will be staying in Branson, but I have three possible campsites in mind.

They are Tall Pines Campground, Branson KOA, and Table Rock Lake State Park.

Last year we stayed at Tall Pines would definitely stay there again.

I’m thinking the state park may be a better campground for taking in the fall colors.

The reason I’m considering the KOA campground is that I’m thinking they may have the best laundry facilities and after a week on the road, we will probably need to wash clothes.

As our plans evolve, I’ll be posting them.


Planned Trip: Eisenhower State Park September 12 – 15, 2014

This week I made reservations at Eisenhower State Park for three nights beginning September 12.

This will our first post-retirement trip.

We originally were planning on making Eisenhower the first stop on our “victory tour.”

At that time I was thinking that we would make that trip in September.

Since then we decided to schedule our “victory tour” so that we would be in Branson around the time the trees’ color would be close to its peak.

With the longer trip moved to October that left us free for a short trip in September.

My first thought was a trip to Eisenhower since it has always been a favorite camping destination.

I then thought that if we were going to stop at Eisenhower in October it might be nice to go somewhere else in September.

When I suggested going to Tyler State Park, Christine indicated that Eisenhower would fit better into her schedule.

Now that I’ve made a “short story long” we’re now planning on going to Eisenhower in September and will probably not stop there in October.

Since this will be a post-retirement trip we won’t be limited a short weekend trip.

We plan on driving up during the day on Friday and staying until Monday morning.

Christine and Christopher will be joining us although Christine is going to return hone one night for a birthday party.

This will be the first time Christopher gets to spend the night with us in the Travel Trailer without Christine.

Based on previous trips, we will probably doing some hiking, photography, fishing, and swimming. (The swimming is mostly for Christopher.)