Our Last Trip of 2015

OK, I know, I’ve been very remiss in updating this blog.

With our move, it has seemed like getting settled in the new house has been a full time job.

Since moving in we’ve only made one short three-night trip in December to Eisenhower State Park.

Due to the weather it wasn’t a very eventful trip.

The lake level was up which forced some roads and paths to be closed.

Our trip was first affected by the water levels as we approached the park.

We were approaching on FM1310 from the east.

We found that the road was closed to through traffic, which required us to turn around.

Fortunately there was a small parking lot on the south side of the road just across from a northbound road.

I was able to turn into the parking lot and then backup on the northbound road.

I had to call the park headquarters for alternate directions to the park.

They suggested State route 84 to Eisenhower Road.

That route is similar to the route preferred by my GPS. The GPS suggests Lil’ Old Road to Eisenhower Road.

I usually avoid that route due to the low hanging trees on Lil’ Old Road.

Our stay at the park was very “laid back.”

Due to recent rains it was very muddy.

We did some hiking on the first full day, but the Armadillo Hill Trail was under water around the Buttonbush Scenic Point.

It rained almost all day on the second day, so we spent most of it in the camper.

After returning home, we took the trailer in to have it winterized as well as an issue with the inverter addressed.


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