One Year Ago Today

I’ve told this story before, but I thought it was worth repeating on the one-year anniversary.
It was one year ago today that I made a very somber trip back home to Kansas City.
It had only been five months since I had mad a similar drive back as my Mom was dying.
That time I arrived about two hours after she passed away.
When I got the call that Dad didn’t have much time left, I booked a flight home.
As I was waiting at DFW Airport for my flight a severe thunderstorm swept through the area.
The storm forced the airport to shut down for a short time.
That short shutdown put a definite “monkey wrench” in the airlines’ schedules.
My flight was cancelled.
I found my self one of 60 people on the wait list for the next flight. The best the airline could do was to give me a confirmed reservation on the first flight of the next morning.
My daughter called the airline and explained the situation. They told her that if I made talked to the gate agent they would do everything they could to get me on the next flight.
I broke down in tears as I explained the situation to the gate agent, but she was able to get me a boarding pass on the next flight.
On the flight to Kansas City, another passenger was engaged in conversation with the flight attendant. He made what I considered a hurtful remark, so I rebutted that remark.
She then commented that she wanted to go wherever I was going.
I explained that I wasn’t going to a happy place.
When she heard where I was going, she mentioned that when we landed the captain was going to ask the passengers to remain seated so someone could get off first. She was guessing that was person me.
As we taxied to the ramp, the captain did ask all the passengers to remain seated so that I could exit first.
It turns out, my siblings were worried that I wouldn’t make it to the hospital before Dad passed.
My brother, Phil, who works for the FAA had alerted the control tower and the controllers had passed the message on to the pilot.
When I was able to turn my cell phone on in K.C. there were several messages that said that my cousin Linda was waiting out side for me so I didn’t have to take the time to get a rental car.
I arrived at the hospital about 10:00 PM and was able to spend some time with Dad even though he was never awake.
Dad was always a strong-headed person and he was able to hold on for another 36 hours.
We were able to move him home the next day (Friday) and he passed away around 10:00 AM on Saturday.
All six of my siblings and I were at his side when he passed.

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