First Entry of 2014

Ok, I missed writing an entry last weekend.

There were two big football games last weekend.

First Mizzou played Oklahoma State in the Cotton Bowl. (Officially the AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic.)

of course the Cotton bowl is no longer played in the Cotton Bowl.

It has moved to AT&T Stadium in Arlington. That stadium was first call Cowboy’s Stadium and is referred to as “Jerry’s World.”

Two of my brothers were able to make it from Missouri to see the game.

My brother Phil drove down with his son Little Phil.

Mandy and I were able to meet them Saturday morning for breakfast.

Brian and his son Jack made a quick trip down flying down on Friday and back on Saturday.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to see them.

As the for football game, Mizzou won.

The Tigers had a great year losing only two games to South Carolina  during the season and to Auburn in the SEC Championship game.

The second game last weekend did not have such favorable results.

The Chiefs played the Colts in the AFC Wildcard game.

The Colts overcame a 28 point Chiefs lead to win 45 – 44.

I know this will make a lot of Chiefs fans upset, but I really thought the Chiefs were playing over their head all year.

This past week has been pretty quite.

I’ve been on call (AKA under house arrest) since Tuesday so I’ve had to stay pretty close to home.

On both of the next two Saturday’s there is an “Bald Eagle Watch” at the Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Sulpher Oklahoma.

I’m hoping to attend one of those activities.

I’ve attended the past two years and both times we saw bald eagles and I was able to get pictures.

Unfortunately the eagles were across the lake from our viewpoint.

I was able to get pictures and you can tell they are bald eagles, but that is about it.

I’m still hoping to someday get one of the “National Geographic” shots of the bald eagle.

Right now I have hotel reservations for Friday night in Ardmore Oklahoma which is about 30 miles from Sulpher.

If the weather turns bad, I can always cancel that weekend and try again the next weekend.

Even if I make it next weekend, I might try attending both weekends in my search of the “National Geograhic” shot.

As I said this week and this weekend has been pretty quiet.

I was able to watch most of yesterday’s playoff games.

Right now I’m watching the last two minutes of the San Francisco – Carolina game with a bowl of Trail’s End popcorn at my side.

Up next is the San Diego – Denver Game.

Until next weekend.


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