In Search of that “One Picture”

Here it is another weekend, I’m writing this blog as I watch the New England Patriots play the Denver Broncos for the AFC Championship.

Yesterday I participated in a bald eagle watch at the Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Sulphur Oklahoma.

Many years ago when I bought a PC, one of the sample pictures included with the PC was a spectacular picture of an bald eagle grabbing a fish out of the water.

Since the first day I saw that picture, I’ve had a hidden desire to capture an equally spectacular picture of a bald eagle myself.

This was actually the forth year that I went out hoping to catch one or more bald eagles with my camera.

This was the third time I’ve attended the eagle watch at the Chickasaw N.R.A.

In December of 2010 we camped for several day at Beaver Bend State Park near Broken Bow, Oklahoma.

That year we didn’t attend any organized event, but we had heard that it was a good place to view bald eagles.

That year, I didn’t think that I had captured any eagles, but after copying some pictures from my camera I found something, which I thought, might be a bald eagle.

After seeing some bald eagles at Chickasaw I was sure that I had indeed captured a bald eagle the previous year at Beavers Bend.

In October of 2011 we camped for the first time at Chickasaw National Recreation Area.

It was during that trip that we saw a notice about the bald eagle watches, which were to be held on two Saturdays in January.

In January of 2012, I was able to attend my first bald eagle watch. (Mandy had to work that weekend.)

It was at that event that I was my first bald eagle in the wild.

While I was able to get pictures of the eagles, they were so far away that you could just tell they were bald eagles, but that was about the extent of the picture quality.

It was after that trip that I bought a longer telephoto lens hoping that the next year I would be able to get better pictures.

The next January (2013) Mandy was able to attend.

Even with my new lens my results were about the same.

Once again you could tell the pictures were of bald eagles, the picture quality ended there.

So this year, for the fourth straight year I made a quest of bald eagle pictures.

Once again, Mandy had to work so I went by myself.

This year I was afraid we would be “shut out.”

We went to both the sites where we found the birds on the last two years.

We did see two bald eagles at the second site, but I could never find them with my camera. (I was able to see them in one of the National Park Service’s scopes.

Some of the people actually saw a third bald eagle at this site, but I wasn’t able to find it with either a scope or my camera.

As we were about to give up for the day, a park ranger radioed our group saying there was a bird visible from one of the camping areas.

Those of us, who had not left, took a small caravan to the area where we actually saw two bald eagles. Not only did we see one spotted by the ranger, but another person in our group saw another one.

In both cases, I was able to find the birds with my camera but once again due to the distance, the picture quality was just good enough to tell it was bald eagle.

While we were at that site, we received another call from a ranger saying that there was an even better vantage point for the one eagle at another campground.

Since that campground was closed for the season, the rangers had to unlock the gate so our small caravan could travel there.

Unfortunately, once we arrived we learned that while we were driving over a boat came by and scared the eagle away.

Oh well, another year another successful but not spectacularly successful attempt to capture bald eagle on digital media.

Anyway, I plan on trying again next year to capture the “National Geographic quality” bald eagle picture.


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