Pinewood Derby and Other Thoughts

Another Sunday and another Blog entry.

Yesterday I was able to attend Christopher’s first Pinewood Derby.

With a total of six Tiger Cubs competing he placed fourth.

That had a total of six heats with each car running once in each lane of the six lane track.

I only competed in one Pinewood Derby as a kid.

The say the Cub Scout is supposed to do most of the work while building his car.

I can tell you now that my Dad did most of the work on my car.

I think that year was the first year our pack had hosted a derby so we were all novices at the design and building process.

I remember my Dad coming up with the idea of adding weight to the back of the car.

As it turns out that wasn’t such a novel idea.

Our track only had two lanes and we only competed in one heat.

I don’t remember exactly how I did, but I don’t think I won even one heat.

I guess my Dad gained some insight after my one race, because I remember Alan won at least one Pinewood Derby.

I don’t remember if Phil or Brian competed in any derbies.

One another subject, Mandy finally received her vacation weeks for 2014 this week.

We had hoped to take a trip the week of Independence Day, but she wasn’t able to get that week.

She did get the week of Memorial Day off, so we’re hoping to get a trip in that week.

Right now we’re thinking we will try to go to Palo Duro Canyon again. (Our planned trip there last month was cancelled due to he weather.)

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