By the way…

Well, I missed updating the blog last week.

I was busy trying to finish work on my Grand Canyon pictures and just ran out of time.

The good news is that I did finish that work and uploaded them to my web site.

As for this past week, Mandy spent most of the week in Kansas City visiting with her sister Gerri.

That left me here to “bach” it.

Yesterday we did get to spend some time with Christine.

We went to lunch and then bowling.

One of the reasons I’ve started updating this blog rather than posting on Facebook has been my disgust with Facebook.

I hesitate to call anyone “stupid” but after reading some posts, I have to ask, if that person was thinking and if so, what was he/she thinking.

(I actually have a theory about that, but I’ll save that until another time.)

The posts that bother me the most are those that are hateful and hurtful.

One particular post from a relative hurt me personally.

In that situation, I had “liked” or commented on a post.

That relative responded that he didn’t think my late Dad would have agreed with me.

That was only a couple of years after my Dad’s death and I know the he would have absolutely agreed with me.

I’m not sure how to classify them, but I wanted to mention a couple of posts I’ve read.

The first one came about four years ago.

Shortly after the Affordable Care Act (A.K.A. Obomacare) passed I saw a post where someone was complaining that he would have to eventually get a job with health insurance or pay a penalty.

First of all, this person could avoid paying a penalty if he just purchased health insurance.

I really have difficulty understanding why someone would be apposed to having health insurance.

This same person recently needed major surgery.

He apparently does not have health insurance.

He started an online drive asking for people to help him pay his medical bills.

This person for whatever reason decided not be enroll in a health insurance plan.

While I don’t understand his reasoning, I guess that’s his right.

Given that decision, I don’t understand why he thinks others should help him pay for that decision.

Anyway, those are just my thoughts.

What are yours?

By the way, spring started this week.

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  1. Chuck's daughter says:

    I do not understand why someone would not want health insurance either. The ACA is supposed to be able to make health care accessible to all people. I understand that deductibles and co pays can get quite pricy. I also know it’s really tough to ask people for help. When I have had to ask for help, I like to be able to do as much as I can without help. I knew, with Christopher’s basic surgery, if I needed a losn for the defuctible or 20 percent co pay, family would have tried to help. Fortunately, as of right now, I have paid all the costs. (I do hope his father will contibute to his part of the copay). But, a $1,500 loan from family (or gift) is much less a butden on the family thsn hundreds of thousands…..

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