First Full Week of Spring and Some Road Rage

As I mentioned at the end of last week’s blog, Spring began last week.

I commented yesterday that it was the first day this season that I put on a short sleeve shirt in the morning.

Our first camping trip of the year is scheduled for two weeks.

We will be camping close by at Lake Grapevine. Some people have given us a “hard time” about camping “in the city.”

Christine and Chrisotpher plan on joining us.

Our second camping trip isn’t scheduled until the week of Memorial Day.

We will be going to Palo Duro State Park near Amarillo.

If you remember, we tried camping there in December but the ice storm forced us to cancel that trip.

Yesterday, Mandy and I spent the afternoon with Christine and Christopher.

We spent some time around their apartment and also went o a park for a couple of hours.

On the sports scene, as I type this I’m watching the fourth of the NCAA regional final.

The Final Four this year is at AT&T Stadium in Arlington.

I haven’t heard anything from Alan, but I know Brian is excited that yesterday the University of Central Missouri won the NCAA Division II championship.

Both Alan and Brian received their undergraduate degrees at Central Missouri State University, which is now the University of Central Missouri.

Did you see the road rage video that went viral this week?

If not, here is a link:

The comments I saw were talking about “Karma” for the pickup driver.

My first thoughts were critical of the woman driver.

It seemed to me that she was “baiting” the other driver by driving at 50 MPH in the left lane.

I also didn’t think that it was very responsible for her to be taking the video as she drove.

After watching it, Mandy asked what type of person would laugh at the other driver after he spun out and hit a pole.

According to the local news the woman who took the video did not want to be identified because she had received death threats.

Overall, I think this is just another example of the deciciveness that I see in this country today.

There is one group of people that think they should have the right to drive as fast as they want and everyone else should move out of their way.

When this doesn’t happen, they go into “road rage.”

On the other side there are people who themselves get so mad at these drivers they go out of their way to bring out their rage.

As I’ve said before there just seems to be a lot of hate going around.

Anyway, that’s what’s been happening and my thoughts.

What are your thoughts?

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One Response to First Full Week of Spring and Some Road Rage

  1. Chuck's daughter says:

    I saw the video through your blog. I hope if I am ever in a situation where someone shows me road rage, should the unthinkable happen, that I will have the courage and grace to stop and render aid as safely as possible. If it is not safe for me to exit the car, the aid may just consist of calling 9-1-1.

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