The First Week of June

The first week of June is now history.

This has been another busy week.

At work we moved to our new offices this week.

The new building is all new and bright but overall most of my opinions are negative.

It added about three miles to my compute, but the last mile after exiting Texas 114, is mostly stop and go.

I’ve only driven in one day but it looks like it’s going to add about ten minutes to my commute.

The parking is also more difficult.

While there is a garage, the lower levels have a six foot eight inch clearance. This is the exact same height of my truck (according to my measurement.)

There is one small covered area which has an eight foot six inch clearance, but the spaces are not large enough for my truck and the space arrange does not even allow me to park in two spaces.

The work are is very cramped. I only have one very small drawer and file drawer. Barely enough room for some elementary office supplies.

At home this week the pool company finished repairing the pool deck, re-tiling and re-plastering the pool.

We just finished filling the pool yesterday.

The pool company will be providing 30 days of maintenance so we won’t have to go through the normal twice a day brushing routine that is required for new plaster.

Basically we have a mostly new pool, which we are hoping will help make the hour sell.

We still have a lot of additional work to do before the house is ready to sell.

(We need to wait until James’ house is ready for him before we can do most of that work.)

Christopher’s last day of school was Friday.

Number One Grandson is now a second grader.

Christine has two more days of work this coming week to finish paper work and prepare her classroom for the summer.

Mandy does not have any time out scheduled until the week of August 18 and I don’t have any additional time off scheduled yet.

Sounds like we are about to begin a long stretch of Summer.

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  1. Penelope says:

    Chuck did not mention me, the new grand dog, Penelope. He could not get up, because I was in his lap.

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