One Week to Go

If anyone actually read this blog, they might be asking, “Where the heck has Chuck been?”

It’s been over three weeks since I updated this blog.

Each and every Sunday during that time I did think of making an update but the end of they day came before I was able to sit down and write.

There have also been ample opportunities over the past few weeks for political comments, but once again, time has been at a premium.

If you looked at the bottom of my “Welcome Page” you would notice that we are trying to have the house ready to sell a week from tomorrow.

It seems like we’ve been working day and night trying to get the house ready to sell.

We’ve removed almost all the pictures from the walls, leaving only one large picture in the master bedroom, living room, dining room, and family room.

We’ve also removed all the personal items from the house.

I lost track of the number of trips I’ve made to Costco to purchase storage bins.

Each time I thought I had enough but a day or so later, we found we needed a few more.

We’ve removed so much that I was afraid the storage bins would either collapse or fall over in our storage locker.

I ended up renting a second locker so that the stuff wouldn’t be stacked so high.

Last Friday and Saturday we had our garage sale.

Overall I would call it successful. While we sold quite a few things, we still have about half of our garage full of stuff.

We’re thinking of having a second garage sale the last weekend of April. This is the weekend of our neighborhood garage sale, so there should be quite a bit of traffic.

This week, we are having the entire inside of the house except the closets repainted.

Right now almost the entire house is covered with plastic.

I am writing this sitting in an old recliner (not sold in the garage sale) in the garage.

I’m hoping that our lawn service will be able to put down some grass seed in our bare spots this week. I also hope that they so some sign of growth next week when the house goes on the market.

I also have an appointment tomorrow with an arborist to get an estimate for trimming the tree out front. It has spread out so that it is hitting the house.

The realtor had also suggested that we replace our blinds in the living and dining rooms, but we just haven’t been able to get to that.

If they really think they need to be replaced we may need to schedule that sometime after the house is on the market.

As I alluded to above, our real estate sales contract is effective next Thursday, April 9th.

We scheduled it for that day because we are planning to leave on Wednesday for Kansas City.

My high school alumni banquet is that Friday (4/10.)

We plan on driving to K.C. on Wednesday and returning on Sunday.

The realtor is going to schedule open houses on both Saturday and Sunday.

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