Still Counting …

Well, we’re still looking for that “hurricane eye.”

I had thought that once we moved into the travel trailer, I would be able to make several blog updates each week.

In actuality this is day number 11 of living in our RV and this is my first entry since April 19th.

Our original reservations at the Arlington KOA were for May 1st.

Mandy worked on the 1st so we moved our reservation back one day and moved in on Saturday, May 2nd.

There’s 24 Hour Fitness just over a mile away from the KOA, so I’ve been able to work out several days.

We found a church about three miles away and have been able to attend Mass there on both Sunday’s.

On the house selling front, our closing had been scheduled for yesterday (May 11th) but was postponed until next Monday, May 18th.

We were able to make the minor repairs to our sprinkler system that the buyers had requested.

We also had the appraiser out last Wednesday, but we haven’t heard the results of the appraisal.

We also had the surveyor out last Friday.

We think we have everything out of the house that we need while everything else goes into storage.

James still has a few small items that we would like out of the house before the movers come.

I would like to bring our barbeque propane tank from the house so we have an extra here in the RV. (Besides, I don’t think the moving company can put it in storage.)

We have opened a Post Office box here in Arlington and filed a change of address from to have our mail forwarded here.

I did learn yesterday, that we won’t be able to file a second change of address form to forward our mail from the PO box to our new address. (Apparently you can’t file a change of address from a business address and a PO box is considered a business address.)

So I’m hoping we get our address changed with all our important correspondents.

We are currently scheduled to have the packers come on Tuesday, May 19th and the movers the next day.

This is all contingent on closing on next Monday.

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