The Storm May be Subsiding

Well, here it is Saturday and perhaps things are settling down. (Knock on wood.)

Yes, I’m actually posting my second blog entry this week.

The closing is still scheduled for this coming Monday but nothing is in concrete.

It seems the buyers are trying to get the appraiser to increase the appraisal.

They had agreed to pay the difference between the appraisal and their offer price and now they are trying to minimize the amount of cash they need.

Our realtor is fairly confident that the worst-case scenario would be the closing would be postponed one or two days. (Once again is this realistic confidence or a sales person’s optimism?)

The “monkey wrench” on our part involves the movers.

We are currently scheduled to have the packers on Tuesday and the movers on Wednesday.

If the closing is postponed, we will have to see how soon we can re-schedule the movers.

Currently we have five days to vacate the house after the closing.

If we aren’t able to reschedule within that timeframe we may have to alter our leaseback agreement.

Anyway, it looks like we won’t know for sure when we’re closing until Monday morning.

Upon arrival here at the KOA Kampground we had a small problem with our new washer/dryer. It would not turn off.

That caused us to take some laundry back to the house in addition to washing some laundry in the KOA laundry room.

We contacted McClain’s and they in turn contacted the manufacturer’s support people.

Before they were able to get back, we (Mandy) discovered how to reset the unit in the middle of a cycle.

Since then we’ve been able to wash laundry here in the RV.

We are still having trouble with a leak in one of our slide-outs, but we’re getting by.

I was able to make it to the gym four times this week and also walked around the mall twice for about an hour each time.

I was also able to make a minor change to my web site from the RV. (I still can’t update my pictures albums because of the workflow I use.)

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