You Get What You Pay For

This past Thursday, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram featured an article about an expected troop reduction announcement by the Army.

The article indicated that Fort Hood and Fort Bliss (both in Texas) could lose a combined 4,500 troops.

Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas was quoted as blaming the Obama administration calling it “arbitrary and destructive cuts to our military.”

According to the article some of the loudest critics of these cuts were Republican representatives Earl “Buddy” Carter, R-Georgia and Renee Ellmers, R- North Carolina.

Senator John McCain, R-Arizona, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee has also been critical according to the article.

At this point, the reader may be saying, “So what’s the big deal. Most Republicans are in favor of a strong defense.”

The “big deal” is that all four of these lawmakers voted for the Budget Control Act in August of 2011.

These cuts are the direct result of that law and not the result of some conspiracy by President Obama but are the direct result of the actions of these same critics.

It seems today that an easy way for a politician to get a “cheap” cheer is to announce that he/she is in favor of cutting spending and/or taxes.

They seem to “forget” that these cuts are not “single entry accounting entries.”

Spending cuts translate into less government services.

Tax cuts result in less money available for government services, which in turn results in either spending cuts or deficit spending.

When are politicians going to learn that you get what you pay for?

Off the “top of my head” I can think of two more examples of politicians going for a “cheap cheer.”

One is the recent drastic tax cuts in Kansas.

Perhaps I’ll write more about that later.

The second example is the “smoke and mirrors” surrounding the “lower taxes” in Texas.

I’ve written about that in the past.


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