Long Overdue

OK, a couple of months ago I resolved to try to update this blog weekly.

I even created a weekly “to do” on my phone.

Obviously I’ve failed miserably in fulfilling that resolution.

So OK, let’s try starting fresh.

My weekly “to do” is set for Friday, so if I don’t get to it on Friday, I still have the weekend to write something.

Let’s talk about this last week.

Last Saturday (1/28) we attended the Bald Eagle Watch at the Chickasaw National Recreation Area.

This was my sixth year attending this. It was Mandy’s fifth year.

We saw more eagles this year than any of the previous five years.

I did get some pictures but they are not as good as those I got two years ago.

I keep hoping for that “National Geographic” shot of the eagle grabbing a fish out of the lake. I’ll keep trying.

If you are interested in my pictures you can find them at http://www.chuck-brennaman.com/HomePage/2017_Photo_Albums/Pages/2017_Bald_Eagle_Watch.html

My pictures from 2015 can be found at http://www.chuck-brennaman.com/HomePage/2015_Photo_Albums/Pages/Bald_Eagle_Watch.html

This past week I attended the funeral of Richard Sandoval.

Richard was a fellow volunteer at The Colony Police Department and was active in the local American Legion.

He was a great guy and I don’t remember ever seeing him without a smile.

The Police Chief, one of the Assistant Chiefs and several officers attended the funeral.

We had a total of six police cars escorting the procession from The Colony to the DFW National Cemetery.

One of our Citizen Patrol Cars was also in the procession.

Other than that I volunteered four days for a total of 13.5 hours.

On Monday I helped sell T-Shirts and collect donations at Chick-Fil-A for Detective Walker of the Little Elm Police Department.

Most of the other time was spent patrolling.

I’m going to try to make my next update this Friday.

If anyone is actually reading this and I don’t make that update, call me out on it.

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