Third Post this Month

Another week in the books.

Do you believe it?

This is my third blog update this month.

This week started with the annual TCPD Awards Banquet on Sunday.

In previous years this banquet was paid for out of the PD budget.

This year The Colony Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association (TCCPAAA) paid for the banquet.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the officer of the year award.

This year’s recipient was Officer Brian Lee.

Officer Lee is one of two Community Resource Officers. (The other CRO is Office Kyle Koiner.

Among their duties The Community Resource Officers are responsible to the department’s social media communication.

They are also responsible for the Citizen Police Academy, which is presented twice each year.

This past year Officer Lee was assigned the task of harnessing resources of the TCCPAAA for use as Volunteers in Policing (VIP.)

The most visible part of the VIP program is the Citizen Patrol.

This week the Citizen Patrol program took delivery on its third patrol car.

We currently have a total of 17 volunteers have completed the training required to act as a “Citizen Patrol Navigator.”

Ten of those volunteers have also completed the additional training required to be a “Citizen Patrol Driver.”

We also have a total of seven “Field Trainers” who have been busy adding to these numbers.

The success of the VIP program was a big factor in Officer Lee’s winning of the Officer of the Year award.

Congratulations Officer Lee.

Between the awards banquet, Citizen Patrol, and the TCCPAAA meeting my volunteer hours this week totaled 12.5.

On a different subject, this was the first week that I was able to make my goal of five visits to the gym.

Those visits helped me “remember” a number of muscles, which I had apparently forgotten I had.

Until next week…


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