The Weekend Almost Got Away


Here it is Sunday already and I haven’t updated my blog yet.

The weekend got away.

Last Saturday we sent to an “On Stage Alaska Travel Show.”

We had seen the show last year and had thought that we might be able to go this year.

Following the show we made an appointment to talk about a trip.

As of this writing we have “an hold” on a 20-day land and sea trip in September.

We are going back on Monday to put down a deposit.

Christopher spent last Sunday night and Monday (President’s Day) with us since PASAR (day care at school) was not available.

Since last July I’ve been trying to start a neighborhood watch group in our area.

Our first meeting in July had 14 attendees. Since the attendance has dropped drastically.

Our last meeting was scheduled a week ago Thursday.

I had only one RSVP and that person ended up needing to stay home to care for his kids.

After that meeting (or lack thereof) I spoke to Officer Lee at the TCPD.

He suggested that we change the meetings to quarterly (which I already had) and to publish a monthly newsletter.

So yesterday I began working on a newsletter.

I’m hoping to have it completed on or shortly after the first of the month.

Until next week …

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