A Long and Exciting(?) Weekend

Well here is it Monday. My updates keep moving later each week.

This week I “kinda sorta” have an excuse.

I was pretty busy on both Friday and Saturday, as I’ll explain below.

I guess I don’t have any excuse for not making an update Sunday (yesterday) except I was just tired after the previous two days.

Friday was the long day.

I left home at 6:30 AM and didn’t get home until about 9:00 PM.

This was the day I was to be an actor in an active shooter training session.

I acted in three different scenarios.

For each of those scenarios the class was split in two so we acted a total of six times.

In both of the first two scenarios I was a “good guy” being held hostage by the “bad guy.”

In the third scenario I was one of two “bad guys.”

This meant that I was going to be shot by one or more “good guys.”

The officers were using special guns, which shot simulated bullets.

These bullets were similar to a paint ball covered with a plastic shell. The plastic shells are made to burst and release the “paint” when it strikes something.

All the participants were wearing a mask with goggles.

The “back guys” also wore a vest.

During the two scenes in which I played a “bad guy” I was shot several times. Most of the shots hit the vest.

At least five shots hit me other places.

I had two hits on my back, and one hit each on my arm, head, and neck.

The shots stung at first but I really didn’t feel the hits after the first minute or two.

After the second scene the instructors were asking everyone if they were OK.

They made a comment about the shot on my neck.

It was only when I felt it that I realized it was swollen and bleeding.

The instructors thought that a piece of the plastic shell or the paint ball was lodged under my skin. They thought we should have the paramedics check it out.

The Denton Fire Department responded and looked at my neck.

They told us that I would need to go to an emergency room to have the swollen area opened up and the foreign matter removed.

I was given the option of being transported in the ambulance or being driven by an officer or volunteer.

I didn’t feel I needed to ride in the ambulance, so we opted to go in one of our Citizen Patrol cars.

The next option I was given was related to which ER I wanted to go to.

I decided that Legacy ER and Urgent Care in Frisco was the best choice since that is where The City of The Colony takes their employees for Workers’ Comp related treatment.

(Even though I am a police department volunteer, I am covered by the city’s Workers’ Comp.)

Another volunteer drove me from Denton to the ER / urgent care facility in Frisco.

As we were on our way we heard on the radio that the sergeant over the volunteers was on his way to the same facility on “special assignment.”

We knew he was on his way to meet us.

We spent a couple of hours in this facility getting X-rays and a CT scan of my neck.

Finally we were told that they could not remove the foreign matter because it was to close to the Carotid artery.

They were going to transfer me to Medical Center of Plano so a vascular surgeon could perform the required procedure.

They were going to send me in an ambulance.

Both Legacy ER and the ambulance alerted the hospital that I was coming.

They were told I had a gun shot wound in the neck made by a simulated bullet.

Upon arrival at Medical Center of Plano I was met by at least 15 people lined up in the trauma room.

My treatment there was very anti-climatic.

Once they examined the wound they decided there was no foreign matter. The bump on my neck was merely a hematoma.

So finally sometime after 8:00 PM I was released from the hospital and I arrived home around 9:00 PM.

After that long Friday, Saturday was also a little busy.

Saturday morning our Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association hosted a regional meeting of CPAAA’s.

That meeting wasn’t as exciting as the previous day’s training by it made for a long day.

I can’t really say I did not much on Sunday since we went to church Saturday evening.

I did get a trip in to the gym before I collapsed that afternoon and evening.

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