Getting in Just Before the End of the Month

Well March is about to come to an end.

It’s hard to believe that 2017 is almost 25% complete.

I did miss posting a new blog entry the past two weeks but to make up for that I posted last month’s neighborhood watch newsletter and I’m posting this entry a day early. (It works for me.)

Last week was pretty busy.

On Tuesdays I have Field Trainer Member (FTM) training at the Police Department.

That training itself usually doesn’t last too long and on the 21st it only lasted an hour. We do however usually patrol after that training and on that day we patrolled until two and a half hours after the training.

Since we were leaving town on Wednesday, the 22nd I made an effort to get three visits to the gym (Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday) before we left.

We spent most of three days on a trip to Bentonville, Arkansas.

Since it is a six-hour drive we spent most of Wednesday and Friday on the road.

The purpose of the trip was to meet Mandy’s sister Gerri and her husband Rick.

It was spring break for Gerri and they had planned to visit the Crystal Bridges art museum in Bentonville.

People who know me would probably be shocked to hear me say that an art museum is worth a six hour drive (each way.)

This museum however was worth the trip.

The museum is unusual in that it contains exclusively American art.

The museum ground also has a Frank Lloyd Write house that was originally built in New Jersey.

The house was taken apart piece by piece and transported to Bentonville where it was put back together.

After our return drive on Friday, we went to the Knights of Columbus fish fry at church.

Finally on Saturday morning I helped sell raffle tickets for the Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association (CPAA.)

This week has also been busy.

It’s only Thursday yet I have already made my weekly goal of five gym visits.

I also have volunteered on Monday, Tuesday (FTM training) and Wednesday.

I will be volunteering again tonight to set up and assist with the Citizen Police Academy (CPA) class.

Mandy is attending this CPA class.

Besides all that, this week I’ve been working on our second monthly neighborhood watch newsletter.

Once it is published, I’ll post it on this blog.

So far the only thing I have on tomorrow’s schedule is mowing the back yard.

Saturday morning I’ll be once again selling raffle tickets for the CPAA.


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