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Our First Camper

In early 1977 I saw a 1974 International Harvester ¾ ton pickup for sale on the company bulletin board.

The seller also had a pickup camper that he wanted to sell either separately or together.

I bought them both.

This was our first RV.

The camper had an over-cab double bed and a table,

The table would fold down to sleep two additional people.

Other than that it had a small sink and an ice box (not a refrigerator but an ice box.)

It had a small fresh water tank and the sink had manual pump.

There was no gray water tank. The drain from the sink ran directly out to the ground.

Looking back, the environmentally responsible thing to do would have been to collect the water in a bucket or tank.

There was a standard BBQ type propane tank to fuel the stove.

It was this small camper which got us interested in RVing.

We only had it for one year, but during that year we made several weekend trips to the Ozarks.

We also made what is still our longest trip.

On that trip, we travelled from our home in Kansas City to Saint Louis; Dayton, Ohio; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Washington, DC; the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the Great Smokey Mountains.

The truck was a two-wheel drive and I used to joke that when it saw a mirage the rear wheels would spin.

The next year I decided to buy a four-wheel drive truck.

Since I was buying a new truck, I thought I would also get a new camper.

After buying the new truck, I sold both the truck and the camper.

Somehow I never bought that new camper.

It wasn’t until February of 2006 when I bought my first travel trailer that we finally replaced that camper.

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