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Our First Travel Trailer

In February of 2006 we purchased our first travel trailer.

It was a Wildwood 27BHSS.

In 1978 when we sold our first pickup camper it was our intention to replace it.

Somehow that took 28 years.

We had been browsing at the Tarrant County RV show for a couple of years.

In 2005, we purchased an SUV, which we could use to tow a travel trailer.

So at the 2006 show, we were ready to buy.

The model we found was offered by Fun Time RV, which was located in south Fort Worth and Cleburne.

(Fun Time RV has since gone out of business.)

The trailer had a front bedroom with a “trailer queen” bed. (It’s my understanding that a “trailer queen” is as wide as a standard queen size bed but is shorter.)

It had one slide out with a couch and table.

The couch was a “jack knife” fold out.

The table also could be dropped down to become a bed.

The bath had a small tub with shower and was located at the rear of the trailer.

Situated beside the bath was a bunk bed.

In theory the trailer could sleep eight people but both the couch and table made into very small beds, which were more appropriate for kids.

Several times we camped with four adults and one child and I believe any more occupants would cause overcrowding.

The kitchen had a sink, stove with oven, microwave, and a dual powered refrigerator.

The refrigerator would run on propane as well as AC power.

The trailer also had a built in stereo with cassette player and room for a medium sized television.

We were surprised that the stereo had a cassette player and no CD player since in 2006 cassettes were becoming a distant memory.

While we really enjoyed this trailer it definitely had some limitations.

The bedroom was very small. There was only a very small space (no more than one foot) between the bed and the walls. The drawer and closet space was also limited to the width of space between the bed and the sidewalls.

We found that while camping, we were basically living out of our suitcases.

We included in our purchase (at an extra cost) a small grill, which would hang on the outside of the trailer and plug into the units propane pipe.

After a few years we agreed that we would eventually want a larger unit particularly as we approached retirement.

Since we purchased a seven-year extended warrantee on the trailer, we set 2013 as a target for replacing it with a larger unit.

Click on the link below to see the floor plan.

Wildwood 27BHSS Floor Plan

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